The Best Way to Easily Get Power Windows on Your Car

There was once an amazing show on Canadian TV called “The Red Green Show.” The show aired on different Canadian channels, with its ultimate home being the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). However, it also aired on more than 100 PBS (Public Broadcasting Stations) in the United States, when it was at its peak. The popular … Read more

Kid Calls 911 And Has Hilarious Conversation With Bewildered 911 Operator

It’s true. Kids really do say the darnedest things. And if you have a child, you definitely will co-sign that statement. Kids are like little sponges that will pretty much absorb any and everything in their environment. Their little brains are always making new neural connections which helps them navigate through a vast and confusing … Read more

Woman Rips Apart Astoundingly ‘Tiny’ And ‘Insulting’ Engagement Ring That She Got After 8 Years With Her Fiance

There’s no question that weddings have gotten out of control in America. The over-the-top engagement and bachelorette parties, the lengthy registries packed with expensive gifts that you know the couple will never use, and then there are the wedding receptions themselves, which can set you back upwards of $50,000. It’s all insane! Plus, before you … Read more

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