People on Twitter Are Noticing That They All Have the Exact Same Scar on Their Knee

Every person’s body is unique. We all have our own scars, freckles, lines on our faces, eye colors, hair texture, etc…However, when it comes to genetics, we’re actually all remarkably similar. What we’ve learned with affordable DNA and health testing is that people in families or from the same culture or geographical region tend to have a lot of things that are alike. For example, people from different areas of the world have similar hair textures, and eye colors are famously regional, although less so in a more global world. As it turns out, when it comes to childhood scarring, we’re not all that unique either.

It seems that many of us have had the same types of accidents when we were kids. Some folks on Twitter have recently discovered that they all have the same scar on their knee. Sure enough, I looked closely at my knees and I have it, too! Twitter user King Wise wrote this week, “I believe that we all have this scar on our knees” and shared a photo of the scar on his own knee. As it turns out, he’s a wise man. Before long, tons of other people were responding that they had those scars, too, and everyone started uploading their photos to prove it. The tweet was shockingly popular.

As of this writing, the tweet has more than 31,700 likes, more than 13.7K retweets, and 805 relatable comments. Many people are describing how they go their scars and describing the accidents. One person got hers in a bike accident, and another person flipped a four-wheeler when he was 14 years old. Still another person hit a goat driving his motorcycle the same day of the tweet.

As for me? Who knows. I had so many clumsy accidents, it’s impossible to say.

In an interview with Metro, Dr. Li Li with Babylon Health GP said that some people are more prone to long-term scarring than others are. For example, some people have skin that creates Keloid scars, which is something you may see more in people from African or Asian ethnicities. The scarring happens when the human body over-repairs itself after an injury. Hey, I like that! My body has my back. Cool.

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