Big Tike Is The Adult Version of The Iconic Little Tikes Toy Car And Yes, You Can Drive It

We all either had or knew a kid who had one of these Little Tikes toy cars as a kid. These things were endless fun! It’s funny how as children, we found pretending to drive a car to be such a blast, but as adults, we discover our daily morning commutes to be anything but.

However, now you can recapture some of that childhood magic by getting yourself the adult version of the Little Tikes toy car. That’s right; you can own your very own yellow and red Little Tikesmobile!

The car is the product of two brothers, John and Geoff Bitmead, who one day was happily revisiting some of their favorite childhood memories when they came up with the idea. They wanted to fit inside of one of those iconic yellow and red cars they remembered.

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No, they didn’t first try to fit into the child version (although that would have been hilarious), instead, they built a full-size adult version. They call it the “Big Tike,” and these brothers went all out in recreating one of their favorite childhood toys. Instead of being powered by tiny toddler feet, this version has a real engine that can reach speeds of up to 70 mph. The car also has headlights, indicators, and everything it needs to be totally street legal (in Great Britain anyway). Although this version does seem to lack actual windows, which may be its only obstacle in the states.

The modeled their car on the Daewoo Matiz, after noticing a few similarities in the designs. It was mainly the color by the look of things. And after about 1,000 hours of arduous work, and nearly $5,000, their vision became reality. Although, compared to around the $50 price tag of the little tyke, it does seem a bit expensive.

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Their work even earned them a spot in the Guinness World Record! They are now officially the makers of the largest Cozy Coupe in the world.

However, they sold their work of art on eBay around four years ago and managed to turn a very healthy profit. A big kid out there somewhere became the proud new owner of the “Big Tike” for around $33,000.

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