Pizza Guy Sees Bruised Woman Mouth ‘Help Me’ And Takes Action

One of the things that many of us appreciate about being stuck inside in the evening and in a hurry to grab a bite to eat is the fact that we can always call the pizza guy and have them drop some food off for us. It doesn’t matter if we ruined a meal, are too lazy to get up off of the sofa or if we just love pizza, the pizza guy is always there to save the day.

Pizza delivery guys often see some rather strange things when they are dropping a pie off at somebody’s house. For Joey Grundl, however, something happened that he totally wasn’t expecting. It occurred when he was delivering a Domino’s pizza to a home in Waldo, Wisconsin. He did more than just deliver some delicious food to a house, he saved somebody’s life.

It happened on September 27 when Joey walked up to a home to deliver a pizza. Dean Hoffman answered the door and he noticed a woman standing behind him. Joey thought that it was probably just his girlfriend but then she pointed to her black eye and mouthed the words, “help me, call the police.”

Joey didn’t want Hoffman to become suspicious so he went through with the delivery. After he was back in his car he called the police immediately.

Deputy Shawn Pringle showed up on the scene with another officer and when they got to the house, Joey had already left. They saw Hoffman looking out the window when they walked up to the door and when he opened it, he blocked the woman from getting out of the house.

She was aware that the officers couldn’t see her so she started to yell for help. They immediately pushed past him into the home and arrested him.

As it turns out, the house where the pizza was delivered was the home of the victim. Hoffman, who was her ex-boyfriend showed up at her home without permission, hit her, tied her up and locked her away in the bathroom. He threatened to hurt her even further and after he was arrested, she told police that she thought she was going to die.

As it turns out, Hoffman had a much more sinister plan and he intended to carry it out. Thankfully, Joey was there to deliver a pizza and he did the right thing.

When giving an interview, he was told by the reporter that he had saved her life. He just smiled and said, “yeah, I guess.” It’s nice to know that there are still some humble people in the world.

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