Artist Creates Hypnotizing Glass Sculptures With Fibonacci Ratios

When it comes to art, there are so many different things that can go into it that it boggles the imagination. Some artists will work with a number of different mediums, such as metal or paint. Others will be very specific in what they do. In some cases, an artist does something that stands out so much that it really deserves our attention. That is what Jack Storms does when he creates his rare glass sculptures.

Storms is an artist based in Los Angeles and he has an unusual style of creating glass sculptures that is both mesmerizing and beautiful. The glass art combines lead crystals and dichroic glass using a cold glass technique. You may have seen glass sculptures before but I would venture to say that you have never seen anything quite like this. In fact, there are only a handful of artists who are able to do this in quite this way.

There is a lot of work that goes into creating such a beautiful piece that you will see below. Planning is also a very important part of it. It takes between 8 and 18 weeks to perfect the process.

Here is one beautiful example of the work he does:

Jack describes his methods in the following way:

“What I do is I don’t use any heat at all, I grind and grind and grind and then I polish, that’s what separates me from everybody else. It’s much more difficult and it takes a lot more time. But for me the effects are just brilliant.”

Jack creates something unique in the core area of each lead crystal sculpture. He uses Fibonacci ratios, which are found naturally in many areas of the world around us.

This video explains in greater detail what this glass art is comprised of: