Whale Saves Female Research Diver from Killer Tiger Shark

The ocean is a complex world and its mysteries continue to baffle mankind. Humans have done extensive research on the ocean and its complex marine life that inhabits these giant bodies of water, but scientists and researchers continue to learn more every single day. One thing we’ve studied in depth is the mammals of the oceans, which include dolphins, whales, and sharks. Some species of sharks can be dangerous, so for this reason people are wary of them, but whales and dolphins are well-known to be friends of humans. For the most part, whales are docile creatures and there have been several documented cases of dolphins saving or helping human beings.

A whale species we don’t hear as much about is the Blue Whale, the largest whale. These warm-blooded creatures can weigh up to 330,000 pounds and reach up to 100 feet in length. There are smaller varieties of Blue Whales but they’re endangered. Recently, a video was uploaded to social media that taught scientists something remarkable. They connect with human beings in ways that we haven’t previously understood. They’ll swim alongside our boats and be friendly with us, but this video shows something even more interesting. A female research scientist named Nam was diving one day when she encountered a Blue Whale.

The whale’s behavior was strange. It seemed to Nam that it was focused on keeping Nam within a certain area and wouldn’t let her move from the area. It even started blocking her when she tried to swim around him. Continuously, the whale would move its body as if it were trying to hide her, over and over again. Nam was baffled as to what was happening. She spends a lot of time in the sea and hasn’t seen this before.¬†At one point, Nam even became somewhat afraid. At the beginning of the video, you can see her petting the whale and the whale seems to be enjoying it. The whale wouldn’t leave her side and in fact, when she entered the water, he swam straight to her.


When Nam tried to get away from the whale, it wouldn’t let her. Then, he put her on his head and lifted her completely out of the water on his pectoral fin. She saw her boat and started yelling for help, with the ordeal taking about 10 minutes. Then, she saw something that stunned her: a Tiger Shark in the water. The whale was protecting her from the shark. Watch this stunning video footage below.

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