This Dog Was So Lonely He Escaped His Yard to Hug His Best Friend

Most people in the world have experienced the loneliness that has come from being locked down in 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s hard for many people to be away from their friends and extended family members for so long, and things aren’t going back to normal anytime soon. But did you know that animals get lonely too? We have a Chihuahua who cries when she’s left alone without our other dog. It makes me so sad to hear her, even though it’s never for more than just a few minutes. A sweet yellow Labrador Retriever recently went viral again because of something he did a while back.

Meet Messy, the sweet boy who loves nothing more than being around his friend. Messy Lives in Thailand with his human mom, Oranit Kittragul, but we all know that in some cases, mom isn’t enough. Our kiddos, both human and fur babies, love their buddies. Messy has a big heart and affectionate personality and he loves to be around the people and other dogs he loves. Across the street from Messy and Oranit’s house lives a Husky named Audi. Most of the time, Audi’s human companion is gone to work and leaves Audi in the yard alone, which of course, most dogs don’t mind.

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Posted by Oranit Kittragul on Monday, December 31, 2018

However, some pups are like my Chihuahua and don’t like to be left alone. Audi gets anxiety at times when he’s alone, but he always has Messy close by to come and see about him. In fact, Oranit said that when Audi feels lonely and cries, she asks Messy to go see Audi and chat with him. Sometimes Messy just looks from the fence in his own yard and barks at Audi, and Oranit says that Audi usually stops crying. Finally, Audi got to thank Messy for caring about him.

Oranit Kittragul

One day, Audi’s owner apparently neglected to lock the latch on the gate to his yard when he went to work, and the lonely Husky saw his chance to go see Messy. Oranit says that much to her surprise, Audi had escaped his yard and was perched over her fence just chilling with Messy. Oranit says that Audi ran to his dog and they hugged each other. She was able to get a photo of that precious moment.

Oranit Kittragul

Their embrace was brief, Oranit says, and Audi went back home. But what it did was reveal a deep bond between the two dogs. They’re friends, truly.

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