Sleepy Raccoon Crawls Into Baby Rocker For A Nice Nap

There are certain little pleasures in life that all of us enjoy taking part in. Those pleasures may differ from one person to another, but there are also some that tend to be universal across a wide range of the population. Included among that number is the pleasure of taking a nap. Admittedly, many of us don’t provide ourselves with the opportunity to take a nap regularly. After all, we may feel as if it is a waste of time or perhaps we are lacking in productivity while we are napping. For those of us to take a nap on a regular basis, however, we realize that the opposite is true.

Another pleasure that many of us appreciate in life has to do with the animals that find their way into our hearts. It may be a dog or cat that is a member of your family or perhaps some of the little critters that inhabit the backyards and nearby woods. One of those animals that I think most people would agree is adorable is a raccoon. Yes, they can be a nuisance at times but between the little bandit mask that they wear and their front paws, that they used to wash their food, they are one of those animals that makes us fall in love with them if we aren’t careful.

Maybe that is why people have fallen in love with the following video. After all, what could be more adorable than a raccoon curling up and taking a nap in a baby rocker? If it isn’t enough that the animal is cute, the fact that he looked so comfortable makes us all want to take a nap as well.

Ask any parent and they will tell you that a baby rocker is a perfect location for a child. The rocking motion and comfort of being snuggled in is almost synonymous with taking a good snooze. It looks like this raccoon has it all figured out.

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