8 Cats And Dogs Who Prove Friendship Has No Boundaries

Humans have given cats and dog a reputation for not getting along, but that isn’t always the case. Actually, these animals can coexist in the same household in relative peace. Some people’s cats and dogs merely tolerate each other, but others quickly build a lifelong friendship the defies species stereotypes. Many cats and dogs even end up spending most of their time together, playing with and protecting each other.

In fact, cats and dogs can have strong strong bonds, and these animals best show that bond by cuddling up together. Here are just a few adorable examples of cats and dogs curling up together!


These two may be sleepy, but they’re still keeping a close eye on what’s going on in the house.

We just love how protective this pup is of his feline friend. These two definitely have each other’s backs!

If you look very closely, you’ll see this black pup camouflaged in the chair. But this kitty certainly enjoys some quality cuddle time with her invisible friend!

This puppy clearly loves being the same size as his feline buddy. I bet the puppy and kitty will still be the best of friends even after the pup grows into a giant.

This lucky pup gets to nap with two different cats. Both kitties just love cuddling up to their fluffy buddy.

This little pup is the perfect cuddle-sized buddy for this siamese cat.

And these two broke the adorable bank!

It plain to see that this yawning cat and his big friend love each other. Just look at how this pup pulls his little friend closer to protect him while he’s napping. Aww!

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Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments, and please be sure to share these adorable furry babies with your friends and family.


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